Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Deb R invited us to list our personal fiction favorites. Since I spend time in a really great LIBRARY practically every day, I guess you could say reading is an occupational hazard. "Favorites" are something I find difficult because I enjoy so many. I decided the best thing to do to was look at the bookshelves at home, because these are books that I actually bought, and live with, and haven't passed on. Since I have many, many bookshelves in my house and they are usually overfull, I do pass on a lot of books. To be consistent, I will stay away from all the ART books on my shelves, and focus on fiction.

"Little Women", Louisa May Alcott
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," Maya Angelou
"The Heart of A Woman", Maya Angelou
"The Handmaid's Tale", Margaret Atwood
"Cat's Eye", Margaret Atwood
"Lady Oracle", Margaret Atwood
"Girl With A Pearl Earring", Tracy Chevalier
"The Red Tent", Anita Diamant
"Good Harbor, A Novel," Anita Diamant
"The Complete Poetry of Emily Dickenson"
"The Radiant Way", Margaret Drabble
"Selected Writings of Emerson", edited by Donald McQuade
"A Great Deliverance", Elizabeth George
"A Place of Hiding", Elizabeth George
"Deception On His Mind", Elizabeth George
"Playing For the Ashes", Elizabeth George
"The Autobiography of Henry VIII", Margaret George
"Mary Called Magdalene", Margaret George
"Autobiography of a Face", Lucy Grealy
"gods in Alabama", Joshilyn Jackson
"The Secret Life of Bees", Sue Monk Kidd
"To Kill a Mockingbird", Harper Lee
"The Fifth Child", Doris Lessing
"The Golden Notebook", Doris Lessing
"Gift from the Sea", Anne Morrow Lindbergh
"Jewel", Bret Lott
"I, Elizabeth", Rosalind Miles
"Runaway", Alice Munro
"Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage", Alice Munro
"Bel Canto", Ann Patchett
"Truth & Beauty", Ann Patchett
"Plain Truth" Jodi Picoult
"Circles on the Water, Selected Poems of Marge Piercy"
"Black and Blue, a novel", Anna Quindlen
"Blessings", a novel, Anna Quindlen
"Object Lessons", Anna Quindlen
"One True Thing", Anna Quindlen
"Housekeeping", Marilynne Robinson
"A Durable Fire", May Sarton
"The House By the Sea: A Journal", May Sarton
"Dress Your Family in Coruroy and Denim", David Sedaris
"Fortune's Rocks", Anita Shreve
"The Pilot's Wife", Anita Shreve
"Dear Theo, the autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh", Irving Stone
(ok, this is sort of an "art" book, but there are no pictures, I promise)
"Collected Essays and Poems", Henry David Thoreau
"The Bluebird Carries the Sky on His Back"
"Accidental Tourist", Anne Tyler
"Dinner At the Homesick Restaurant", Anne Tyler
"Ladder of Years", Anne Tyler
"Leaves of Grass", Walt Whitman
"A Room of One's Own", Virginia Woolf
"Mrs. Dalloway" Virginia Woolf

Ok, that's about 50, so I have to stop NOW. Aren't books wonderful? Infinite worlds, just there for the taking.


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

You MUST be a librarian! They're all sorted alphabetically by author, LOL!

Dawn said...

WOW! What a great list! I don't think I could even attempt to list them, but I think my all time favorite classic has got to be "Little Women"!

Deb R said...

Wonderful list, Jen! So glad you posted it. (I've never read any of Margaret Atwood's books, but so many people have included her on their favorites list that I'm going to have to give them a try.)

jenclair said...

Well, I see some that I left off my list, especially "Little Women" and "Jo's Boys" by Alcott.

I also loved "Gifts from the Sea," "One True Thing," and May Sarton's journal. There are several others here that I enjoyed.

Have you read the new Elizabeth George? "And No One as Witness"?
I'd love to know what you think...this one has a twist that bothered me.

Deborah said...

You have good taste!

knowitallman said...

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