Monday, October 24, 2005

Joseph Stella

Joseph Stella
1877 - 1946
Oil on canvas
76 x 57 inches (193.0 x 144.8 cm

I ran across this today in a lovely art book on Joseph Stella. When I hear "Stella", I remember Frank from art history, but I was not familiar with Joseph Stella's work. So, this image is for the Two Madonna gals.


Dawn said...

WOW - that painting is awesome! All I can think is that if I could applique just a bit more detailed that would make one stunning quilt! The colors are gorgeous!

Gerrie said...

I prefer Frank!!

Two Madonna Gals said...

Wow, she's a beauty. Thanks for thinking of us over here at the Madonna Idea. I love the herons, but I've got a thing for birds. Barbara

Cay Denise said...

When you post a picture of someone else's work or book covers, etc., what permissions are needed?

Debra Spincic said...

Isn't she lovely? I wish I could have her for my series!! Thanks!