Friday, October 07, 2005

Helen Frankenthaler

Some of her thoughts on painting:

A really good picture looks as if it's happened at once. It's an immediate image. For my own work, when a picture looks labored and overworked, and you can read in it—well, she did this and then she did that, and then she did that—there is something in it that has not got to do with beautiful art to me. And I usually throw these out, though I think very often it takes ten of those over-labored efforts to produce one really beautiful wrist motion that is synchronized with your head and heart, and you have it, and therefore it looks as if it were born in a minute. (In Barbara Rose, Frankenthaler (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1975), p. 85)

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Sonji Hunt said...

I love Helen Frankenthaler's work. It looks generated and grown. I remember seeing a show of her work a couple of decades ago (ugh, that kills to admit) and I really wanted to paint like her. They are very thin, though and I love thick. So, we just take away what we need, right? The idea that things should look like they "happened".