Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Lovely Day With Friends

Photo by Claudio Pollard

As will happen, life got busy and I haven't had time to spend here. The weekend was great, and I especially enjoyed spending time with my quilting pals. Our gathering this time was at the home of my friend Carla, and though I have known her for several months this was my first visit to her home. Due to the way the house is built into the hill, from the front it seems quite simple, but once you enter you can see how wonderfully huge and spacious it is. Lots of arches and high ceilings, big windows, not to mention a beautiful deck and garden. Amazing antiques, including some gorgeous huge carved pieces. Even one of them would look oversized in my home, but her living room has several and they look beautiful. I think my whole family room and kitchen could fit into her living room. The very best part of the house, though, is a huge room on the lowest level that is Carla's sewing room. Similar to a basement, it opens out to the back yard and is not completely underground. SO much space, plenty for quilts, the longarm, the fabric, all the sewing machines and tables to spread out the work. I am seriously in envy.

We had a wonderful day, as we always do when we get together. We worked on a little wool project, a "candle mat" with a fall theme. I had not thought about wool for a while, but rummaging through the stash gave me a few ideas. More on that later.

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