Friday, September 30, 2005

More than Coffee

This photo is from The Coffee Cup Project website. I ran across it while googling up a visual to add to today's blog entry. Trust me, this is the best picture in the bunch. I might take my own of something similar for the next "Simple Still Life", just haven't done it yet.

First, a big thank you to eveyone who visited and commented yesterday. I love how it feels like a group of friends here. I probably "know" some of you better than my friends here at work, and I see them every day. This got me thinking about the nature of web logs and how intimate they often are in tone. Many of us use them to vent, think out loud, work through projects, and document our lives. A forum at once very public and yet very intimate. I don't know about you, but I tend to forget about the "public" part. When I am writing here, it feels like a private journal or a letter. Why do you suppose that is?

A couple of things have me feeling happier today. A) It's Friday and B)Thursday night is Starbuck's night and I always feel better after that. I'm so glad the blues struck on Thursday, because after a session of talk and laughter with my girlfriends how can I feel blue?I am blessed.

This weekend will be busy in a happy way. One of my neices is going to be in town with her daughters, and Saturday will probably mean a picnic somewhere with the family. The forecast says it will be cooler, and in any case if we are down by the water it will be. Sunday is a meeting with my quilting group, always fun and usually the highlight of the month. Happy weekend everyone!


Darcie said...


I'm enjoying your coffee picture. Did you realize the lovely, rich autumn colors in your photo? Perhaps that's the reason it was your favorite?

Enjoy your weekend!


kalisekj said...
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jenclair said...

I wish I'd thought of doing the coffee cup and spoon photo! I'm still pondering what to use for the Simple Still Life challenge.

Your fall photos are so crisp and colorful.

jiri said...
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Debra Spincic said...

It's great to have a network of internet friends who love the same things as I love. But, I do often wonder if we would love each other in real life???!

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