Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Making Art

Why do we make art? It surely must be a part of the human spirit, present from the earliest time we can grasp a crayon or take up a stick to scratch in the sand. Think of all the people, all over the world, all through the ages. Imagine the intricately patterned items made for every day use: bowls, baskets, shields, blankets. Weaving, painting, carving, tattoos. Patterns repeat everywhere in the universe. How about color? Fierce, hot red. Cool, soothing blue. Sunny, joyful yellow. Lush, deep purple. In responding to color, again we find a common ground. In giving form to thought, we create a glimpse of inner life, making the intangible somehow visible. Something inside us longs to do this. For some of us it is imperative.

Whether you are showing something recognizable (a leaf, a tree, a face) or using pure form and color, you are in touch with your spirit and interacting with the universe. My quality of line (or stitch) will be different from yours. My application of color (or choice of fabric) will be different too. Different, and yet the same. When we perceive and understand the sameness, art has become communication.

In those moments when creation is taking place, you feel a part of what you are meant to be. Art, for me, comes from the joyful place inside where the connection to the universe is felt.


gabrielle said...

Way to go....the last sentence says it all but love the "research" segments.Art has been going on since man began.

Scrapmaker said...

"Research" was written by me, photos are from the internet.
Can you tell I loved art history? Boring academic approach aside, isn't the idea of visual communication through color and form thrilling? Jen

Frances said...

thanks for the little art gallery,

it is interesting the way the human animal needs/likes to create,