Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Arlee's Postcard

This is the great postcard I got from Arlee last week. It made me laugh and was the bright spot in my day. If you haven't seen them all, go on over to Albedo Design and have a look.

The weekend turned out to be busier than I thought it would be. I ended up helping Jerry with a massive "clean and paint project." Our house is a sprawling ranch that was built around 1958. We have never had the money to do a full remodel, just projects here and there. Usually they involve things that are functional and not exciting, like plumbing, electricity, and central air. Then of course there is painting, staining, and landscaping. It's definitely a high maintenance house. Between the house and garage is an area we call the "breezeway". It was built when garages first started to become attached, a little "indoor-outdoor" room in between the garage and the house. Ours had become, shall we say, a bit cluttered. No more. A good cleaning out and power washing, followed by a new coat of paint, took care of that. Aren't you glad I share this exciting stuff with you?


Sharon said...

Makes me smile too! Thanks for sharing (and the website too)

Sonji Hunt said...

Congrats on decluttering and brightening up your breezeway. A fresh coat of paint and a clean floor make every space like new (that's what my Dad always said.