Monday, September 19, 2005

A Season's Change

This is some beautiful Guatemalan print fabric from The Unique Spool. I have resisted the tempatation to buy any, but isn't it gorgeous?

I am having a little trouble with the software I use to download digital pictures.
(Camera is Canon G2 and software is Zoom Browser). I received a beautiful postcard from Liz over at Dreaming Spirals, but I will have to try to scan it later to share it with you. I suspect Picasa of interfering with my software, but I really have no idea. The plan is to download lots of photos to CD just in case it is a space issue and try again.

It was one of those busy weekends that just flew by and I hardly spent a moment in my studio. It still feels a little pretentious for me to call it that because its really just a spare bedroom crammed to the rafters with all my fabric, art supplies and sewing machines...but hey its all mine and it IS my creative space. It's not my dream space, but I'm grateful to have it.

I spent some time shopping with one of my wonderful SILs at a store I had never seen before called "Home Goods." It was a little drive, but worth it. Many of you live to buy the Shoes, but I live to buy the Home Stuff. Catalogs from Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn make my pulse rate go up. Now to be honest, there is a lot of junk at "Home Goods", but there are also some great things at low prices. In no time at all I had a cart full of goodies. After a few mental calcualtions and with heroic self control, I put back everything except 2 fall-themed plates, a festive striped salt and pepper shaker set, a tablecloth, and a basket. Pleased with myself and filled with inspiration, once home I hauled out all the "fall" decor and spent a chunk of time on that. You cannot now enter any room in my house without knowing what season it is supposed to be. Here in southern California you often need those visual cues..

The men in my house, and some of my women friends too, are mystified at my seasonal decorating rituals. I swap out linens, rugs, dishes, towels, pillows, flower arrangements and even a window treatment or two. And, of course, the quilts, wallhangings, and some of the art. It has taken years of careful collecting. Christmas and Harvest season call for big time cleaning and decorating, but to a lesser degree so do Spring and Summer. Some of you have a closet full of shoes, but I have closets, cupboards, and an attic, full of seasonal home decor.


Frances said...

thanks for all the wonderful art photos, love the textile and Wolf Kahn, so when do we get another glimps of Emmily's work, you lucky thing working in such a great library,

Sharon said...

Love your blog - I always feel so refined after I read the notes about the art photos! LOL!

Debra Spincic said...

I wish I could do the "fall decorating" idea too but the temps are still in the mid 90s here in Houston and my hibiscus are blooming. Last year I was determined to get into the "fall mood" and bought some fall decorating items on sale for this year. But, guess what? it didn't help! I am usually about ready for fall when Thanksgiving hits!

I so admire your determination to have seasons!!

Sonji Hunt said...

I have a real soft spot for Guatemalan fabric, Jen. That piece pictured is just beautiful. Now, I'll have to go to the site and stare at all of it.

Good luck with your photo problem. Isn't it a pain when the technology doesn't cooperate?

Anonymous said...

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