Thursday, September 15, 2005

Art and Spirit

Wolf Kahn

Something about this painting just speaks to me. The color choices, the vertical repetition, the skillful and subtle impression of trees, the mood created, the way the whole thing works together. Sometimes it's not easy to analyze why, but I absolutely love the work of this artist. See more paintings here.

Art communicates the spirit. This idea facinates me more than any other. Put aside all the academic historical stuff and just consider the idea. It's huge.


Gerrie said...

Oh, Wow!! You are such a tease. Who did these. I am in love, love, love with that tree photo. Is it a quilt or a photo? Tell me about it!!

Gerrie said...
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Scrapmaker said...

The wonderful tree painting is by Wolf Kahn, and I have added more information to the post. Jen

gabrielle said...

Jen, I think you should try to incorporate this style into your've got the eye and the skills...just pushing you through the door.

Anonymous said...

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