Friday, September 23, 2005

Got the quiz below from Deb R. of Red Shoe fame. What I really meant to do for posting today didn't happen, and that was to take some pictures or scan Arlee's stunning postcard.(Wait til you see it!) I think I will have more time to share with you tomorrow, so I will try to get a picture up. I was disappointed with my last set of pictures, but at least I got them to download. I got nary a prompt or message from my computer to help me figure out why, but the problem turned out to be space. After I cleared out all my files by copying pictures to CD everything worked. I hate being techno-stupid and always seem to learn this stuff the hard way. Whenever possible I get my son or husband to work on these problems, but the digital camera is all mine since Jerry takes film (to make DVDs) and not stills. He does not blog, or that would change I'm sure.

Today was really a nice day, in the 80s with a fresh breeze. I almost feel guilty having decent weather when so many are worrying about surviving a hurricane. I have watched the news a little, but am trying not to get swallowed up in it. Have been sending positive energy and saying prayers for everyone who may be affected.
Today I took off from work since we had to take cars in for service. Jerry and I had a fabulous Mexican lunch (I had a grilled chicken burrito and he had carnitas. The very fresh homemade salsa was to die for.) Both of us were stuffed and sleepy afterward, but he got back to work and I went to my studio. I am sewing a traditional quilt right now using leaf blocks and trying to decide how big it's going to be. It's all part of my resolution to finish some of the UFOs I have hanging around. That, and my obsession to pretend we have a fall season. Sometimes I really like working on traditional things because the sewing is soothing and predictable. My brain just wasn't working for art today, but I hope to get back to working on postcards (at least that!) this weekend.


jenclair said...

Love the impact of the Emily Mason
painting. Wow! Can't explain its appeal, but I'd be happy to look at this every day.

I have a number of UFO's that need to be worked on, but instead, keep starting new projects. Hope your resolution to complete some of yours is successful - you could set a good example!

Debra Spincic said...

My mother asked me to make 4 quilts for my brother's family for Christmas. They will be traditional in just about every sense. I like traditional quilts. Like you, sometimes it is just fun to sit down and sew.

Anonymous said...

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