Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rain, retirement and postcards

It's an unusual day here in Southern California. It's raining! I awoke this morning with our Nikki trying to climb over my head in her panic at the sound of thunder. (See photo of Nikki in a calmer moment.) The large lightning streaks were clearly visible through the windows, quite a storm for us. Hopefully there is enough rain to prevent brush fires, and not so much as to cause mud slides.

After work yesterday I went to a retirement party for one of our long time librarians. Mild-mannered and kind, he has an inner flair for drama. Every Halloween he dresses as Phantom of the Opera and stalks about the library swishing his cape with great flair. The patrons are startled for a moment, then they usually laugh. He could always be counted on to dress as Santa (or the Grinch) for Holiday parties. I understand he plans to come back occasionally to fill these roles, provided he and his wife are not off globe trotting somewhere. They like to go to obscure places and do things like participate in archeological digs. Somehow I can't imagine spending my hard earned vacation money this way...

I still have not done anything about solving the photo software problem, and I got home too late to fiddle with scanning. I was delighted to see that the mail brought me another postcard, this one from Deb R. of Red Shoe fame. It is a gorgeous sun in fall-ish colors and it is truly wonderful. I think it would look fantastic made bigger. Another piece in the sun series perhaps?

I have been making these small cards, and so far I am learning lots but haven't come up with something satisfactory to send.(Problems in structure, not design.)
I started off using actual card stock for the back, but quickly discovered that the card separates after the edge is stitched and would never hold up. Fabric fused over the cardstock was much better and seems to hold up fine. I think Lisa uses Timtex (fabric basket stuff), but I am hoping to get along without it.

With any luck, my next post includes a scan or two. With even greater luck I will be back to downloading pictures.


Darcie said...

Hope your rainy weather has given you just enough.
Your postcard exchange...I can hardly wait to see photos!
I have had great intentions to make several...but they're just in my head and in my sketch book, I guess.
I'll have to search for the picture of the one that I sent...couple of years ago...and a digi-camera ago.
I would share the instructions with you if I only could remember for certain. But I do know that Timtex was not in my vocabulary back then! I remember that the fusible medium was basically the "body" or "stiffness" of my postcard.
Good luck with yours!

Deb R said...

Glad it got there and you like it, Jen! It's kinda-sorta based on a quilt in the sun quilt series. I'll post some comparison photos soon.

Anonymous said...

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