Monday, September 05, 2005

These are the types of "hurricane"quilts I am making. Note the super king size giant squares. They are quilted in "channels" to hold them together, kind of like comforters. The sewing makes me feel better, although I am still having trouble watching the news. I am not the wonderful quilt maker that Bonnie is, especially not at top speed. A long arm machine would definitely help with the quilting part, or at least one with a wider throat. I am starting to think about an upgrade to the Janome 6500 (or maybe next year's 6600 model). I love my Janome Gem and imagine I would be really happy with the other machine. Must go and test drive and start saving up.

I will also be able to help with the quilt art fundraiser that Laura started. Many of you have
probably already heard about it, but here is the website:

Your small works of art will be "sold" to raise money for the Red Cross. At this point, they are talking very small, ATC size up to journal quilt size (8 1/2 x 11"). Go to the website and read
about it. Even those of you who don't ever make anything traditional can do this! Find or make something small and donate it.


Tonya R said...

It's a great quilt - cheery, bright and unpretentious. And it's HUGE. You're doing good.

Bonnie said...

Its a WONDERFUL quilt! What size are the squares? I'm quilting the ones I've been doing as easily and as quickly as possible too.....this is one case where less means more! :c)


Scrapmaker said...

Thank you Bonnie,
The larger squares are 18". If you are using FQ, just lop 3" off to square up and then save the trimmings to sew together for a multi-color binding (that you sew on by machine with a decorative stitch.) Jen

Anonymous said...

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