Monday, September 05, 2005

Quilt Show Goodies and Hurricane Quilts

Ok, I confess I was not nearly as disciplined as our friend Lisa was when I went to the San Diego Quilt Show. I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of quilts I liked very much, probably since I didn't go expecting to see art quilts . The few I did see were delightful, I'm sorry I didn't write down the names to share. Lisa's duster jacket with dancing folk was wonderful, but to be fair so were all the entries in the professional class. Lisa's coat was truly a work of art and something to
be proud of. I think if I ever made anything that nice, I'd be delerious. I did indulge myself just a little with the vendors. My friends were enthusiastically buying, you know how contagious that is. How could I help it?

Yesterday I went antique browsing with one of my fabulous sister-in-laws. Since that took up most of the day, I waited until today to make some serious progress on the "hurricane quilts."