Thursday, October 20, 2005

More Goldsworthy and a little reflection

Here are some more inspiring images from Andy Goldsworthy's work. They are from the film "Rivers and Tides". Terrific to watch and probably available from your local library.

I got a wonderful sparkling postcard from Frances, and will post a nice picture as soon as I can. Thanks Frances!I know I am late with my own postcards, but they are coming...will someone be kind enough to re-send me the address list? I can't seem to find it...

I am just blown away by what I saw on Fibermania today. THIS is exactly what I have wished to achieve but haven't yet. Just like all those other painters I admire so much. Now I am inspired to go sling some more paint....hope springs eternal....

The free time I have has been spent sewing a traditional quilt that will be a gift. I have been debating about color and border design, but I think it will include some machine applique. The "deadline" for this one is approaching, so it gets my attention. If only I didn't need to sleep, I could get so much more done!

There is always lots of discussion on various lists about the "place" for art and the "place" for traditional work, and usually there is tension between the two groups. Art quilters complain about not being understood by traditional quilters, and traditional quilters complain that their work is unappreciated and is being "edged out" by art quilts. Well, I love both, so sometimes I feel like a split personality. Long before I ever began making quilts, I admired and purchased antique quilts. I love the sense of history and the stories, real or imagined, about the women who made these quilts. I imagine how designing and sewing these quilts brought a glimmer of creative light into lives that were all about work and hardship. The quilts were necessary, but also a labor of love. Just as when we make them today, we think about how they will be used to bring warmth and comfort.

And art? Well, that is my joy and my sanity. If I am too pressed for time to work at making some, then I can look at it, reflect on it, and feed my spirit with the joy of color and form. That's why I like to post and share art here on my blog.


Debra Spincic said...

I find it very distracting for the two groups to form such tight grips on what they think is "theirs" alone. There is room for everyone at the quilting table and both groups can learn so much from each other. The labels that are being etched in stone are only going to come back and bite us in the butts. I am about sick of the whole debate. Let's just do our stitchery, share and enjoy. It was the fabric and needle that brought us together, I surely don't want it to tear us apart. (Us as the collective us). Rant over! Phew. . .*wink*

Frances said...

glad you like the postcard and thanks Jen,

I have not had much time lately for the computor but see I will have to find time next week for a long look at all your recent posts such wonderful art Jen, thanks for sharing it all,