Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A few more quilts

Carla's Indiana Puzzle quilt, made for Diane.

Andine's Fall quilt, made for Pam B.

Pam's spool quilt, made for Carla.

Here are a few more quilts that were exchanged during the quilter's Christmas party. I love the color in the batik quilt, the movement in the Indiana Puzzle quilt, and the whimsey of the spool quilt.


Jane Ann said...

That is one awesome group--of quilts and friends! I would ask if they intimidate you, but they look too darn nice to do that. Guess it helps that all of you are so equally talented!

Love that spool quilt--never saw such large spool blocks but "whimsy" is a good description. I can just see it in my sewing room.

Anonymous said...

All of the quilts are terrific, but I just adore the spool quilt. What a great group of quilters you belong to!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great bunch of quilters and quilts. I'm delighted that you're enjoying my postings about the making of my shoe quilt.