Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kid's Quilt Fabric Decisions

Debra posted a call for fabric that will be used in this charity quilt she designed on EQ5. The tennis shoe fabric will be the backing, that is a given:

Debra (and anyone else who may be interested), here are the fabrics I have enough of the specified amounts to donate:

The black, white and blue are the same in both groups. The black is very slightly mottled (it is RJR handspray), but it is dark and reads pretty close to solid. The white is tone on tone with small squares. I don't like the texture but it is just fine used wrong side out. The blue is bright royal with small dark dots and some darker areas that look like shading.
Group A has a bright solid, slightly orangey red with a gold that is closer to cheddar. Group B has a scrappy mix of reds that have a slightly more subdued tone, and the golds are also a bit darker. Opinions? Debra. I especially want to hear from you. If you like any of these, they can be donated to the project.


debraspincic said...

I especially like the second group! It looks like either would work just fine (& it's a better combo than I could come up with with my fabrics). Thanks so much! I'll email Julie's address to you.

Jeri said...

They are all good fabric combinations! I think I get to quilt one of these! :)

Shelina said...

Both are really good fabric combinations. I am partial to scrappy quilts, so I like the second one better.

fabric store said...

Love the first one. Looks great and love all the colors. Look forward to seeing another one.