Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Memories and new beginnings

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but Christmas comes in a close second. Some of my friends are cutting back on the holiday decorations, but I still enjoy getting out all of the traditional things and making little displays around the house. A couple of years ago I got a pre-lit pencil tree, and it makes things much simpler. We still use the handmade and special ornaments, including some little stuffed ones my mom made for us when the kids were just babies. I also use the tree skirt she made something like 25 years ago. Holding these things in my hands, I think about how she made them with love, and I spend a little time remembering. She has been gone 15 years and I still miss her every day.
How I treasure the things she made with her own hands!

Thank you friends for your support during our "empty nest" transition. Sooner than expected, we are getting used to the quiet around the house. We have talked to Andy several times since he left. Here is part of his first update, sent last week: "... Living in a city is much different. We have probably walked at least 10 miles since we arrived. Once you get used to the steep inclines, it's not a bad way to get around. The next step is figuring out the BART and the MUNI. For me, that begins a bit later today.Hopefully next week we find us both employed, and living in a sublet. Who knows, maybe we'll even be able to afford actual food. For now, one can dream. I will type another update shortly.Much love to everyone in San Diego... "

That "actual food" remark left me laughing. Believe me, they won't starve, especially since they emptied the pantry before they left. Since this early message, both boys have begun working and Andy is loving his job. They have found an apartment to sublet for a few months while they look around for something more long term. Every time we talk, he is just bursting with excitement. How can I not be happy?


Debra Spincic said...

Sounds encoraging about your son!

Rian said...

Andy's gonna be just fine.

That's the thing about Christmas that I just love... the memories that come when you pick up a certain ornament or house decoration.

Gerrie said...

San Fran is a great place for young hip folks. My daughter gave up her car to simplify her lifestyle. She gets around by bart, muni and a scooter.

dee said...

Sending you hugs. James is an only child and when he goes daily life will be so much less amusing. The great thing about your son moving is you can go visit him in SF. I only hope James moves somewhere as fun as that. I love SF-such a beautiful and fascinating city.
Yor Christmas decorations look very pretty.