Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More party quilts

Here is the quilt Joan made for Kathy. I love the colors in this one.

And here is the quilt Kathy made for Pam B. This was a challenging quilt to make since she started with that orangy-green batik. If you can, click on the second picture below and take a look at the fabric. Using those motifs in the center of each block worked really well. I remember we had an awful lot of fabric shopping trips trying to figure out how to coordinate something with that batik.

Pam loved the result, and so did we. Good job, Kathy!

For those who don't know, a bit of explanation. Our small quilt group is a baker's dozen of women who meet once a month or so to sew, chat, and socialize. We have done some trips and retreats together, and we have this Christmas party every year. In January, those who want to participate throw their names in a hat. We have a drawing to see who each person will make a quilt for during the year, to be finished by the Christmas party exchange. Each person who makes a quilt will also be getting one from someone else, not necessarily the person they made a quilt for. After the drawing, you may choose to give the person making a quilt for you some fabric to work around OR you may leave it up to them to choose. It is strictly voluntary to participate. This year, four women chose to sit it out. Life gets busy, and sometimes people feel that they don't want the pressure of the deadline.

As for me, there is nothing as thrilling as receiving a quilt made just for me. I also love making one designed especially for someone else. When you give a quilt to another quilter, you know they really APPRECIATE the work that goes into it. For a lot of us, before we started doing this exchange, we had never received a quilt as a gift.


Debra Spincic said...

I love seeing the old traditional patterns with the new contemporary fabrics! Always a treat this time of year to stop by and see your quilts.

Rian said...

And the fact that you have a whole year to work on it makes it kind of doable. Great idea, and we just love to see the fruits of your labors.

Kay said...

These are all beautiful quilts! And I can see that making one for a particular person would be fun and challenging, but so rewarding. The beautiful one for you must be based on the book Circle Play. I made a quilt using that design and love it. What a lovely group to be a part of.