Monday, December 17, 2007

More gift quilts

Gayle's quilt from Andine. It is a winter theme quilt with snowflakes in the border fabric. The centers of the stars have fussy cut motifs, stockings I think.

Gayle said "Ok Jen, hand off that camera and come and get your quilt".

Obviously, I was very happy with the quilt Gayle made for me.
It is a fun, bright quilt, and I was touched that she worked so far out of her comfort zone to make it "artistic" in feeling. I would have been delighted with ANY style of quilt she made since I like them all. I know most people have a preference for quilt style, and though I am drawn to the brights, I love the antique reproductions almost as much.

Gayle knows I like batiks, so she used a lot of them in this quilt. Gayle has been learning how to quilt on a long arm with Carla, so she did all of the work herself. Even more reason to love the gift! I thought you might like to get a closer look at this one.

This weekend has gone too fast! I spent yesterday afternoon volunteering down at the Quilt Visions gallery. They have a wonderful juried members' exhibit up right now, including works by Laura Wasilowski, Pamela Allen, Carol Taylor, and Noriko Endo. There were so many more, but these are some of my particular favorites. It was fun to have plenty of time to see the works "up close" in an uncrowded venue.


Rian said...

Wow Jenny, you just keep blowing us away with these gorgeous quilts! Don't stop!

Gerrie said...

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE your quilt. Now that is my fave. They are all exquisite.

dee said...

I was OOOOing and AHhhhing over the NY Beauty and the I saw your. You are so lucky. I love the colors and the design. Very nice!

Granny Fran said...

What a scrumptious quilt you received; very special!
Must be great to be able to see quilts by all those special quilters at the Quilt Visons Gallery.