Monday, December 10, 2007

Snowmen and Giant Telephones?

Appearances to the contrary, my friends are not all talking on giant telephones. Pam T gave each one of us one of these "grippers" for our rulers, and we were already in a silly mood. This picture is the result.

Here is a picture of the cute snowman ornament we each got as a party favor. The tables were draped in "snowy" batting with homespun fabric and berry garland for decoration. Our party favors made the perfect finishing touch. I think our hostesses must have worked all year long to make them.

Here is the beautiful quilt that Barbara made for Joan. She told me that the prarie points evolved as a solution for not having enough of one kind of fabric for the border, plus she wanted to add some interest. This quilt sparked a lengthy discusion over the making of prarie points, not something I have attempted as yet.
Blogger does not want to let me upload any more pictures tonight, so that's all for now. Stay tuned for more party quilt pictures.

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Gerrie said...

there is nothing better than some silliness with good friends.